Wood Effect Coating

Wood Grain Effect
As aesthetic values evolve, wood grain effect finishing is now becoming more and more popular in the fields of architectural decoration, furniture, electronics and home appliances. Wood grain effect finishing is a special powder coating process based on the latest technology in the surface finishing.
The wood grain finished aluminum profile is a perfect integration of the excellent aluminum properties with the natural appearance of natural resources such as wood, marble, etc. It is a wonderful combination of the state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics. The products have stable quality, appealing appearance and therefore a higher value of decoration.

Wood Grain Effect Features

The wood pattern coating can be cured and transferred to the surface of aluminum profile or aluminum sheet under a temperature of 200 degree Celsius.

The wood pattern can be transferred to all kinds of substrate shapes, including sheets.

The decorative effects of pictures, text and graphs, and all kinds of natural sceneries (such as wood, marble or granite grains) can be achieved through photographic technology.

Aesthetic Value:
Patterns of the most precious woods, such as oak, chestnut, cherry and walnut, can be imitated.

Excellent weathering-resistance performance, durable in all kinds of applications.

Cost Savings:
Maintenance free, will resume original effect simply by regular cleaning.

Environmental Friendliness:
The special decoration needs can be realized without using wood; meanwhile the products can be recycled.

Fields of Applications:
The wood effect can be applied to windows, furniture, components, appliances, transportation vehicles (airplanes, ships and cars) and other decorating materials. It can be furnished according to customer requirements.