About Us

Al Moayad Industrial Group is considered one of the industry pioneers in Syrian Arab Republic, this Industrial Group has a magnificent history dates back to 1948 when Mr. Mohammad Hosni Al Moayad decided to start some trade activities of importing wood then expand our activity in 1969 to import Al Aluminum as a alternative material for wood due to its well known features.
In 1972 , the company becomes agent for a number of companies overseas , as Viohalco co , Ietem co in Greece n many other co in Turkey . The company activity exceeds Syria to Gulf countries.
With the development of this industry in the world , Al Moayad co accompany this progress n start a new line for double insulating glass of advantages for thermal n noise insulating n the co achieves a priority inside Syria in this field of activity in particular German insulating systems Alumax .
Then , accompany the world turnover to buildings sheathing systems with Aluminum n Glass n the opening period start in Syria our co do a contract with Schuco German Co as exclusive agent in Syria n at the same time construct Tempered glass factory.
Had the lead to the production of bent glass for the first time in the region, and extended its activity in this area to the neighboring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait and produced bullet-proof glass and obtains the product of confidence in many countries also produced tempered printed glass special for furnaces and household appliances in addition to the work of the decor and home furnishings that manufacturer of glass and chrome Al moayad co were not limited company to German experiences but worked on the development of local expertise, and at the hands of engineers, Syrian technicians and as a stage in the completion of pro-producer and make it productive, "national" in full by the company of establishing a laboratory for producing aluminum passages, where the company now drawn its special passages and the design and withdrawal of special passages to the owners of industrial proceedings, according to the desire
And may day turned this small activity initiated by Mr. Mohammed Hosni in 1948 to invest a large industrial called the group of Al Moayad -industrial includes :
1- Al Moayad for Tempered Glass
2- Al Moayad for Aluminum Extrusion
3- Al Moayad for Aluminum systems manufacturing
4- Al Moayad for double isolating Glass
5- Schuco agent co in Syria